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Hello. I don’t like to beg for money so this is kind of awkward for me. Recently i came home to two very young puppies in my yard. They were filthy and covered in ticks, but very cute, so I thought if I brought them in and cleaned them up that it would be easy for me to find homes for them. (as much as I loved to keep them, I wanted to wait and see if they were a good fit for me in my situation, being a collage student.)

I took to calling them Milk and Pepper and as soon as they had started to grow on me, Milk began throwing up and losing her appetite. I knew the symptoms of Parvo right away and immediately contacted as many veterinary clinics as I could find in the phone book for an appointment ASAP.

Parvo attacks the lining in a dog’s intestines and causes them to dehydrate at an alarming rate - and it’s especially deadly in puppies. I’m pretty poor. I can’t afford to live in town and I don’t have a car. I live off odd jobs and my art so I thought, perhaps, if I gave Milk and Pepper to the rescue shelter in town, they would receive the care they needed.

Unfortunately the shelter informed me that, quite frankly, if there’s signs of Parvo, they will immediately euthanize. Maybe it would have been a better if I had let them do that - but I just couldn’t bring myself to let it happen. I felt like i at least owed it to the puppies to give it my best shot.

Well after a very expensive pet emergency room visit, I still wasn’t able to do the best possible for Milk. I did what I could within my means, which was IV fluids for Milk and enough medicine for both of them when Pepper eventually begins to show signs of illness. (according to the doctor they’ve both had it for half a week, but Parvo has an incubation time of 2-7 days)

Anyways. Story time over. I’m not too eloquent so I’ll spit it out. Basically, like I said at the top, as much as I hate to beg: I need money. I’m a fast drawer - I’ll do whatever it takes, as many as it takes. So if you like my art, please commission me. Or if you can’t commission me, please share this post.


B.A.P - I Remember (방용국 Solo) (With 대현)
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Bang Yongguk ft Daehyun - I Remember



In an economy still weak from the recent recession, students can no longer afford to work unpaid jobs, especially students with increasingly large amounts of debt to pay back. Even worse, the statistical probability of an unpaid internship resulting in a job is barely better than an applicant who had never had an internship.

Unpaid internships have become a way for companies to get free labor without having to promise anything in return, including employment benefits and protection from sexual harassment.

Something artists can relate to is the ever-growing number of people willing to pay artists in “experience”, “exposure”, and other promises that don’t always mean very much in the future. The same is happening with unpaid internships. 

Given that the chances of an unpaid internship resulting in a job is roughly 1% greater than applicants who’ve never had an internship, unpaid internships are basically just a way to get free labor without having to give anything in return (including protection from sexual harassment.)

Not to mention the fact that unpaid internships can be, and in some cases are, already illegal.

I’ve seen a lot of arguments made for raising the minimum wage and part of that should be removing unpaid jobs that the economy can no longer support, and no longer benefit the people meant to benefit from it.

The petition needs 100,000 signatures by April 20th. Please sign, reblog, and signal boost.

I’m not even kidding when I say that I’m going to keep reblogging this. The fact of the matter is that unpaid internships are being used for free labor, the same way artists are being used for free labor. They are not helping anyone and, by and large, they’re only worsening the rampant inequality between people from the upper class and people from the middle and lower class.

Yeah, it sounds good for experience, but it’s literally like playing Russian Roulette, except there are five rounds loaded instead of just one. The majority of college students can’t afford to work for free on the flimsy promise that they’ll get “experience”.








Transgender Teen Faces 1 Year Sentence After Fighting Off Bullies

TLTR; A 16 year old trans woman defends herself against 3 bullies who have constantly harassed her. Weeks after all 4 students were suspended, local police charge her, and only her, with misdemeanor battery. The Police Department refuses to recognize her as a trangender person so she would not be able to fall under hate crime protections.

When 10th grader Jewlyes Gutierrez, a transgender student, stood up to three bullies at her high school in November, all four students were suspended.

The incident made some local news. Gutierrez, 16, said she had asked an assistant principal at Hercules High School for help with chronic bullying a few days earlier, and gotten none. A school board meeting on December 2 focused on the incident. As the semester wound down, it seemed the story would stay in Hercules, California.

But a few weeks later, Contra Costa County Deputy District Attorney Daniel Cabral charged Gutierrez with misdemeanor battery. The charge came just months after California governor Jerry Brown passed a law enacting transgender student rights, making California the first state to enshrine certain protections to transgender students.

Now, a  petition—“Drop charges against transgender teen defending herself!”—has become one of the fastest growing petitions on Change.org, collecting more than 168,000 signatures since January 7.


The alleged battery took place on November 13, 2013. Gutierrez is accused of slapping another student after having gum spat in her face.

On top of the petition, which was created by Gutierrez’s sister, supporters have sent Daniel Cabral more than 50 letters demanding that he dismiss the case. That could happen at a pre-trial conference scheduled for February 5, according to Kaylie Simon, Gutierrez’s attorney.

This is the first time Gutierrez has been charged with a crime. If convicted, Simon says, the maximum time she could face is one year, which might be served at a juvenile hall or a group home. She could also be sentenced to the Orin Allen Youth Rehabilitation Facility, or Byron Boys Ranch, which is a minimum security juvenile detention center. As the name suggests, the facility is for boys.

Jennifer Lopez, a journalist with the magazine  Everything Transgender in NYC, brought to light one part of that injustice. In an  interview with the TransAdvocate, Lopez recounted a conversation she had with Connie Van Putten of the Hercules Police Department.

Van Putten told Lopez “the transgender person is listed as a male on school records, therefore she would refer to the transgender person as a male,” Lopez said.

Because [Gutierrez] is listed as a male, [Van Putten] did not identify [Gutierrez] as a transgender person," Lopez reported. Van Putten then told Lopez that because Gutierrez was listed as male in these records, she “would not be able to fall under hate crime [protections].

Gutierrez still attends Hercules High, along with the other students from the incident.

I feel negative attention and energy around them," Gutierrez said in an interview with the  Bay Area Reporter.

Just because you’re different you’ll get picked on, name-calling, bullied, taunted, harassed, all those,” Gutierrez told NBC Bay Area in December. “I was just sticking up for myself.

Hey check it out another way that our lovely government is complicit in marking a trans woman of color as disposable.

Silence from white trans leaders: nearly fucking complete. (White trans women who are part of our rank and file have spoken up, btw. Thank y’all!) The mainstream media and the white queer media cares more about this girl than white trans “leaders.”

Still think everything’s hunky dory, y’all? 

Speaking as a white feminist, all y’all white feminists need to take fucking note.

Speaking as a human being, all y’all need to sign this petition.

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dean exudes an aura of “bi”

people around him probably misread it as “bye” and that’s why everyone leaves him